Adam Chapman is a musician from Melbourne, Australia who has gained a reputation for energetic performances and creative writing. Always trying to find away to push the envelope in his live show.

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Hybrid Nightmares 

Since founding Hybrid Nightmares in 2007, they have gone on to release 6 CD's including the highly acclaimed "The Ages" project. 

Some tours Hybrid Nightmares have been on include:
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Australia 2019
Cradle of Filth - National support Australia 2019
Anaal Nathrakh/Watain - Japan/Australia 2019
Cradle of Filth - Australia 2018
Ihsahn - Australia 2018
Eluveitie - Japan 2018
Hybrid Nightmares Album tour - Australia/Japan 2017/2018
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Australia 2017
Brujeria & Lock up - Australia 2017
Finntrol - Japan 2016
Abbath - Australia 2015
Ne'Obliviscaris & Beyond Creation - Australia 2014
Enslaved - Australia 2013


Shenron is Adams solo project, dedicated to the hit Anime Dragon Ball. A KickStarter was run in July 2018, to fund a 6 track EP. It was funded in 2 days, and went on to get over 300% its funding goal.

Dissociation Plight

Adam is a Studio Session member of DOOM band Dissociation Plight.


Adam filled in for Scaphis for their support slot, opening for Joey Jordison’s band, Sinsaenum.





Drums: Pearl ELX Export.  
Mounted toms: 8", 10", 12"
Floor tom: 16"
Bass drum: 20"
Snare: Sig Joey Jordison 13" X 6.5"

8" Sabian AA Splash
8" Sabian AA China Splash
10" Sabian AAX Air Splash
14" Sabian AAX Fast Hats
16" Sabian AAX X-Plosion
17" Sabian AAX X-Plosion
17" Sabian AAX X-Treme China
20" Sabian AAX X-plosion Ride
20" Zildjian ZBT Ride

Pearl Demon Drives.

Toms: Remo Ebony pinstipes.
Snare: Remo Controlled sound X.
Bass:  Remo Powerstroke 3.

Pearl Icon rack.

Los Cabos 5A Red Hickory

Electronics: Roland TM2 



Extended Bio

Adam Chapman began making music in primary school. At first learning piano and keyboard.

At the beginning of his high school life, Adam was introduced to drums. A instant connection was felt, and from that moment he has been playing live and writing music.

When Adam was 15, he joined his first band, A.D. Massacre. Made up of 19 and 20 year olds at the time. Adam was the youngest. Often being kicked out of venues after performances due to his young age. A.D. Massacre released 1 EP. 

At 17 after parting ways with A.D. Massacre, Adam started Hybrid Nightmares with bassist Jon Trofimiuk. Since then, Hybrid Nightmares has become a powerhouse in the metal scene. Supporting huge international bands both in Australia and Japan, as well as sold out headlining shows around Australia.

Adams drum school, AC Drums. Started in 2009 as private home lessons. And since then has grown to have a studio space and large student count.